What we do

Greenspace Collaborative joins forces with clients to build project appropriate teams of specialists during the design and build process.  In order to produce the best possible economically and ecologically sensible solutions for our clients we build a response team to implement our designs.  We work with everyone from professionals in the field of energy systems engineering, structural engineers, renewable energy and building science technology to spatial design experts, interior designers and Fueng Shui practitioners.  Each new project is another opportunity for us to evaluate new or alternative design practices combining expertise in the fields of natural building and finishes, alternative wall systems, resource conservation, landscape architecture, and renewable energy technology.  By surveying every design option with the expertise of authorities in the appropriate field for each individual project, we can provide affordable solutions continually expand our knowledge.  We will continue to reduce the ecological footprint of the houses we design without compromising their beauty, healthfulness or functionality as a response to building in a 21st Century climate.

Who we are 

Greenspace Principal Andy Mueller joined the Collaborative in 2004 bringing his strong foundation in landscape architecture, project management and design to his position as Operations Manager and Architectural Designer.  Mueller has studied Architecture and Green Planning at the Universitat Hannover in Germany and Environmental Design and Art at the University of Massachusetts.  He completed his Masters of Landscape Architecture in 1992 and worked for design companies on the East and West coast.  Andy is a board member at the Sheltering Pine Institute and a founder of Natural Builders Northeast, a network work of cutting edge professionals practicing the art of natural building and design.

Since 2010, Andy has been working with emergent nations developing education and training projects focusing on long term crisis solutions.  Adding to his hands on experience building natural and hybrid homes with an emphasis on small footprint structures he began developing traditional style homes in Haiti building with teams of locals. As lead builder for the Builders without Borders team, he completed construction of the first model straw bale structure in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in March of 2011 and is now focusing his efforts in Nepal.