Design philosophy

GreenSpace recognizes that the ecological footprint of a structure is not simply the sum of its site impact and material inputs.  Buildings consume more energy in their operational lives than they do in their creation and deconstruction. While the green construction industry concentrates on energy consumption, we design structures that simply need less.

GreenSpace fine tunes the building site and floor plans to facilitate the use of renewable energy sources like passive solar and efficient wood heat. Our super-insulation tight envelopes and use of thermal mass reduce heating and cooling needs. We propose addition of site-suited alternative energy sources and design for day-lighting to reduce artificial lighting use. We implement higher quality and more durable materials to reduce the need for replacement.

Modest homes in harmony with their context

The well-designed home should reflect careful consideration of human needs as well as the site’s tolerance for disturbance. We strive to craft small footprint homes without sacrificing comfort, detail, or function.  Greenspace Collaboratives primary goal is to design an unostentatious, functional and efficient natural home that is well-integrated into the landscape. Internal and external spaces are complementary to their surroundings and intuitively designed to radiate harmony and warmth rather than ostentation and hubris. Clients enjoy a home that both fits their need and respects the land around them.   

 Open exchange of ideas and expertise

Successful design requires good communication between the client and the acting facilitator, in this case, Greenspace. Through open dialogue and the exchange of ideas, we come to understand each individual’s priorities and concerns. We bring our expertise to the client/designer drawing board to clarify and refine the vision for a new home.  Greenspace sets the program goals of the ensuing collaboration and with the client summarizes a written set of design objectives which guide the entire project from inception to blueprint. The result this ongoing dialogue is a design uniquely suited to each family, their building site, and their intended patterns of use.

Integrated services from the beginning

Building a home requires an overlap of multiple disciplines. To achieve a harmonious result in the most efficient manner, every discipline must be involved from the beginning. GreenSpace Collaborative assembles a team experienced in architectural design, structural engineering, site planning, energy and material conservation and heating and cooling. Early coordination between these disciplines creates time to proactively discuss options and trade-offs, common or multipurpose solutions and the most efficient sequencing for construction. The goal being a streamlined design and construction for a home that exudes a simple elegance.