GreenSpace Collaborative is uniquely positioned to offer a full range of services within the natural design/build practice. We are a small group of design professionals and seasonal builders, committed to creating the most comfortable, functional and meaningful space to call home. We provide creative solutions from conceptual design to detailed construction documents and green specifications. We do not impose a “one size fits all” approach; each project is unique. In this way, we ensure each new project results in a truly distinctive home that reflects its inhabitants, the community, and the surrounding environment. We can step in at any point in the design/build process.

drying out raw clay.jpg
modifying bales.jpg
the easy way.jpg
stacking bales for a hybrid design.jpg
running wires.jpg
concrete window sill.jpg
sill flashing.jpg
securing bale to post and beam design.jpg
hybrid design.jpg
window basket.jpg
rain screen designon bale home.jpg
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waiting for plaster.jpg
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burlap over windbracing.jpg
trowling the scratch.jpg
hybrid bale home waiting for scarification.jpg
finish plaster.JPG
apllying scratch coat with sprayer.jpg
living roof preparation.jpg
in-progress earthen floor.jpg



Haiti and Nepal

Since 2010, GreenSpace Collaborative has been working with emergent nations to develop education and training projects that focused on long term crisis solutions. 

Drawing upon our experience designing and building natural and hybrid homes that emphasize small footprint structures, we began developing traditional style homes building with teams of locals in Haiti. In 2013, we completed the construction of the first model straw bale and tilt-up panel wall structures in Por-au-Prince and are now focusing our efforts in Nepal.